Burnout in physicians is real. But it doesn't have to be this way.

If you're trying to choose whether to stay or go, do so with the help of this career decision guide. It will help you make a more intentional choice.

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Deciding whether to stay or go can be a tough decision. Don't make it lightly.

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This four page guide provides a roadmap to greater clarity. It will be the most useful when you work through the six exercises it lays out with complete honesty.

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Hi, I'm Denee. It's nice to meet you.

Not long ago, I was a physician suffering from burnout, just like you.

Now, I help women physicians who are thinking about leaving their job or leaving medicine find their best path forward so that they can fully enjoy the life they have worked so hard to create - without over-work, over-stress, or burnout.

I hope you'll find this guide useful, and know that if you need help with the decision process, I'm here to help.

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