As a physician and a mom, I struggled with work-life balance, so I created...

The Productivity Prescription 🩺

Time Management

for Busy Physician Moms

Learn my 3 step process to master time management + work smarter so you can get your work done faster and have more personal and family time.

You can be a successful doctor, partner, and parent without the struggle.

I Need This!

How will your life be different when: 

  • You're leaving work on time with your work done; feeling energized by your day instead of feeling drained?
  • You're performing at the highest level at work without overworking AND being more present with your family at home?
  • You feel more grounded and confident in the choices you make, without overthinking and over-stressing?
  • You remain calm, clear-headed, stress-free, and positive even in the midst of handling work and life’s greatest challenges?


What would it be like to finally start enjoying the life you’ve worked so hard to create?


This program is about radical simplicity. No fluff. Just the core skills and tools you need to address the root causes with root-level solutions. Based on science. Designed to be time-efficient, high-value, and includes all the accountability and personalized support you need to succeed, even if you've failed at other personal or professional development programs in the past. 

We aren't taught the skills I teach anywhere else in our lives.


Hi, I’m Denee

I’m a double board-certified MD, a seasoned health and wellness industry executive, speaker, author, and certified professional coach. I help busy successful professional women create the career of their dreams AND have a personal/family life that they love without overwork, over-stress or burnout through 1:1 and group coaching.

I’ve been where you are!


Self-employed, independent contractor, employee of small healthcare systems and large corporate entities, non-profits, for-profits and government agencies.

I’ve led teams of five and teams of fifty.  I’ve climbed the corporate ladder and flown solo.

Navigated change from internal and external factors. Change is hard. Transitions are hard. But growth is necessary. Discomfort is the price of your growth.

Your brain craves growth and contribution.

The one commonality, the one thing I loved about all these opportunities ...

I love to help women succeed.

I’ve been leading and coaching high-performing medical professionals in the corporate setting since 2015 and now I’m working with private clients.

High achieving women like me.  Women like you.

I help women physicians and other high-achieving women create the career of their dreams AND have a personal/family life that they love without overwork, over-stress or burnout.

Coaching can take your life from struggling to thriving, from good to great.

I can help you with that!


The Productivity Prescription

Build Powerful Habits for a Productive Mind

Most attempts at positive change fail because we stop at knowledge and don’t build habits.

Information alone does not change behavior! 

Sustained change towards a more positive and productive mind requires laying down neural pathways to form new habits through consistent daily practice. And that’s what my program empowers you to do.

You get to build a foundation of mental fitness by strengthening three critical mental muscles which shift the balance of power from your inner Saboteurs (your negative self) to your inner Sage (your positive self).

Each of these foundational skills or mental muscles is critical to mastering your productivity and time management

So you can become the doctor, partner, and parent you want to be!

What will you do with the extra time you create?

 In the 6-week Productivity Prescription, you’ll develop your 3 core mental muscles as we focus on improving your

✅ Productivity   ✅ Performance   ✅ Time Management


What will you do when your work is done on time and you have the freedom to focus on what's important to you?

YES - I want in!

We aren't taught the skills I teach anywhere else in our lives.  

What Makes

My Program Different


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Are you ready to create more free time

in your days?


What you'll get in my 6-week Productivity Prescription program:


🖥  Weekly video modules for learning

💪🏼  App-guided daily mental fitness exercises 

🎯 Assessments to personalize your learning and dashboard to track your personal progress

💬  Private online community

📲  Access to the app (video modules and mental fitness exercises) for 1 year 


❤️  Weekly intimate small group coaching sessions (7) on Zoom

🔥   Accountability and support from a small group of like-minded high-achieving women like you 

I'm Ready!

Are you struggling to get your work done on time?  Are you constantly bringing work home to finish, or leaving it undone and then stressing about it all evening?


If you're tired of overworking, overthinking, over-stressing and just want to start enjoying the life you’ve worked so hard to achieve – you are in the right place! 

Dr. Kristi P.

I reached out for coaching because I was having a mid-career crisis. I had lots of opportunities but also lots of demands and I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to head. I also wanted to start my own consulting business but I had so many insecurities about whether I could or should spend time and energy investing in trying.

I spent 18 months feeling stuck and not knowing which direction to head. In just six weeks coaching with Denee, I was able to define where I want to spend my time and energy. And I launched a business from nothing to paying customers in six weeks. I would’ve continued to stay stuck in the same spot without her coaching.

I tend to be somebody that doesn’t spend money on myself unless it has concrete tangible benefits. I weigh a lot of options before making a decision. Well in six weeks I've created more free time to spend with my family, I’ve recognized my own worth and not settled, had administrators I asked how they could meet my needs, and I started a business that is making money and bringing me joy because it helps other people.

Coaching can be life-transforming.

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